Purple Carrot

Plant Based Meal Service

Eat More Plants

Purple Carrot doesn’t care what you eat. So long as you eat more plants! A plant-based food delivery service sharing the space with players including Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Fresh and Easy, it believes in delivering chef curated, health-conscious, delicious meals directly to your door.


Purple Carrots weekly rotating menu offered a series of unique breakfast, snack and dinner options every single week. Contained within each box delivery was a full-color, 24 page booklet stuffed with cooking tips, menus and instructions for weekly offerings as well as additional pre-packaged ‘Plantry’ products from their ever growing plant-based partnerships. Weekly menu’s were offered up to 4 weeks in advance to online subscribers whom were notified from on a constant cadence of E-comms and social media conversations.


  • Creative Team Production Manager
  • Department Lead in Cross Functional Communications
  • Time and Asset Project Management
  • Process Loop Architect and Facilitator
  • Outside Resource manager


  • Weekly menu book publication
  • E-Comms assets
  • Product photography
  • Web Asset deliverables