Project Management

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Blenders Eyewear

Forward Motion in Bold Speed //

Blenders is an aggressively growing lifestyle eyewear brand birthed in sun-drenched Pacific Beach, California in 2013. Their definitive styles have graced the faces of iconic industry personalities including Snoop Dog, Max Verstappen, the Buttery Bros and Deion ‘Coach Prime’ Sanders.

360 Campaigns

Through a traditional 360º marketing strategy, this small but mighty team has produced a staggering 22 new product campaign launches in 2023 alone, while collaborating with active apparel brands, social influencers and sports icons to produce exclusive, limited edition collections available both online and in 6 retail stores across the country.


  • Creative Production Manager
  • High Level Project Manager
  • Digital Content Producer for photo and video
  • Point Person for third party resources
  • Agile, multi-disciplined team member


  • Print collaterals for Retail outlets
  • Social Media and E-Comms
  • Product focused and campaign Video Production
  • Studio Product, Lifestyle and Campaign Photography
  • Asset Archive Management
Purple Carrot 980 650 Witchdoc

Purple Carrot

Eat More Plants

Purple Carrot doesn’t care what you eat. So long as you eat more plants! A plant-based food delivery service sharing the space with players including Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Fresh and Easy, it believes in delivering chef curated, health-conscious, delicious meals directly to your door.


Purple Carrots weekly rotating menu offered a series of unique breakfast, snack and dinner options every single week. Contained within each box delivery was a full-color, 24 page booklet stuffed with cooking tips, menus and instructions for weekly offerings as well as additional pre-packaged ‘Plantry’ products from their ever growing plant-based partnerships. Weekly menu’s were offered up to 4 weeks in advance to online subscribers whom were notified from on a constant cadence of E-comms and social media conversations.


  • Creative Team Production Manager
  • Department Lead in Cross Functional Communications
  • Time and Asset Project Management
  • Process Loop Architect and Facilitator
  • Outside Resource manager


  • Weekly menu book publication
  • E-Comms assets
  • Product photography
  • Web Asset deliverables